Fizzy Gin

The Gin Fizz is a classic gin cocktail and a brilliant alternative to a G and T. For those people in your life who claim they don't like gin, try them with one of these! They are easy to make and you've probably already got all the ingredients in your cupboard.

I hadn't had one until about 3 weeks ago when I decided to make a round of them for my friends to try it out. They went down a treat. So I decided to have a little play around and see how a few different gins took to the concoction.

So what is a Gin Fizz?

In essence, a Gin Fizz is:

  • 30ml Gin

  • 7.5ml Lemon Juice

  • 5ml Sugar Syrup

  • Soda Water

  • an egg white (optional - turns your Gin Fizz into a Silver Fizz)

Put everything except the soda in a cocktail shaker, (shake 3 times without ice first if you are using the egg) add ice and shake.

Serve in a high ball glass, on ice if you aren't using egg, by pouring the contents of your shaker into the glass and topping up with soda.

First Up...

I started my experiment with the exact recipe above using Sipsmith gin. Actually that's a lie, I accidentally put Triple Sec into the first one instead of sugar syrup. It didn't quite work with the soda but I almost ended up with a White Lady, which is fairly good when made correctly!

The result when I finally found the correct bottle was, as expected, a sweet yet lemony gin drink, much less dry than a gin and tonic and I would say a little less gin heavy than I would have liked. The ratios meant our delicious Sipsmith gin was overpowered by what is essentially a very yummy lemonade, which I found disappointing. However, this would definitely be the correct ratio to use if you're working your way through a much more budget gin!

And now for the Silver Fox

Next up was a Sipsmith Silver Fizz. Many people are still a little sceptical of the inclusion of egg white in a cocktail.

My friends certainly were as I was producing drink after drink for them to sample! But the first one went down amazingly and from then on it was "keep 'em coming!".

So for a silver fizz, put everything except the soda in a shaker without ice and give it a few shakes to emulsify the egg. Then add some ice and shake away.

Personally I serve my silver fizzes without ice. Its nice and cold anyway from the shaking and I find the creamy texture doesn't really go with ice. But give both a try and see what you prefer!

We started with a silver fizz with Sipsmith. A great combination, but our second, made with Pink Pepper gin, was an experience I certainly intend to repeat again. The peppery flavour from the gin goes really nicely with the lemon, and its very distinct flavour cuts through the other ingredients and really shines through. It is a bit of an unusual combination, but we all liked it and if you like Pink Pepper gin it's certainly worth a go. Do remember though, Pink Pepper is really the Marmite of gins, guaranteed to divide any room, so be wary of who you serve one to!

The Finale

After a few smooth and creamy cocktails I felt it was time to head back to the refreshing original gin fizz.

Only this time, we went for a Warner Edwards, personally one of my favourite gins, and it really shined through the other ingredients. This combination was certainly my favourite, although I had upped the gin ratio a little...

  • 30ml Gin

  • 5ml Lemon Juice

  • 2.5ml Sugar Syrup

  • Soda Water

We didn't go for the Warner Edwards as a silver fox. Warner Edwards is fairly sweet as far as gins go and so the drink is fairly sweet and smooth as it is and in my opinion doesn't really need the egg.

So, depending on what you like...

Sweet and Creamy: Try a Warner Edwards Silver Fizz

Light and Refreshing: Try a Sipsmith Classic Gin Fizz, but in our opinion, up the quantity of gin a little so you can really taste what you are drinking, otherwise, reach for your staple budget gin and enjoy a sweeter gin for a change!

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